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Civil Litigation

Disputes can come in any forms and shape. It may be a roof leakage concern or a dispute over shareholder’s right, what seems to be minor dispute when it first arises, but situations could escalates to the court by the parties.

If the parties lack proper, professional legal representatives or strong evidence to support their opinions, the chances of winning the lawsuit are very slim, and the money, time and mental pressure involved in the litigation process are also disturbing. In civil litigation we understand your need and our Ms. Loretta Lo is a legal adviser to a number of organizations and is familiar with the operations and practices of the business community. As the client’s legal representative, our firm will provide accurate and professional legal services at reasonable fees to fight for your due rights. Our services include:

  • Corporate and commercial litigation
  • Shareholders disputes
  • Arbitration and mediation
  • Debt collection and enforcement of judgments
  • Insurance claims and disputes
  • Regulatory and disciplinary procedures
  • Enforcement of judgments
  • Trade disputes

Personal Injury, Employees’ Compensation, and Medical Negligence Claims

With increasing awareness of the right to claim damages against the wrongdoers, there has been a significant increase in the number of personal injury and employees’ compensation claims in the past number of years. We have extensive experience in handling both personal injury and employee compensation cases on behalf of injured parties. Furthermore, we also provide legal services to victims of various types of road accidents and medical accidents, to assist them in claiming against the liability bearers or their insurance companies.

We provide prompt advice at an early stage, in order to explore the possibility of swift settlement to minimize the risk of litigation. If Court proceedings cannot be avoided, early legal advice can reduce risks in litigation. We will guide our clients through analyzing, discussion, and developing strategies for the victims according to the specific situation.

Criminal Litigation

A wrong prosecution to criminal charges can be devastating and will destroy a person’s career and life, the experience and quality of handling criminal cases will directly affect the final outcome of a case.  Our law firm has extensive criminal defense experience and is familiar with legal procedures. Whether it is before or after arrest, during the trial or appeal stages, our lawyers will delve into each case and every detail to determine the best defense strategy for our clients.

We will accompany clients or the information provider (witness or complainant of the case) to law enforcement agencies (Hong Kong Police Force, Independent Commission Against Corruption, Hong Kong Customs, Hong Kong Immigration Department, and other law enforcement agencies) for legal visits and advice.

Our firm can make bail applications and intercede in court for the defendant. If the client chooses not to plead guilty at the initial trial stage, and the trial is scheduled, we can request for the defendant’s trial documents for analysis, conduct investigations and verifications as instructed, and then adopt a system of defense strategies. If a problem unfortunately occurs during the original trial, resulting in a conviction or unfair sentence, we also assist the convicted person to appeal in the Appeals Division and the Court of Final Appeal. We will endeavor to report the deficiencies or injustices of the original trial to the judge in charge of the appeal and make every effort to restore the parties’ innocence.

Driving/Road Traffic Offences

Our firm specializes in cases related to road traffic regulations. When a customer has a traffic accident, he can call the firm’s hotline for assistance on the spot to protect his legal rights and avoid unnecessary losses. When clients are invited to the police station to provide information (whether as a witness or an investigator), we can provide support at the police station and provide legal advice.

If the client receives a court summons or charge, the case will be heard and heard in a Magistrates court. If a serious charge is involved, such as dangerous driving resulting in serious injury or death, the case will be referred by the Magistrates’ Court to the District Court or the High Court. We can advise the client in all the above processes, including the feasibility of a defense, the estimation of conviction consequences and penalties, and the impact on subsequent civil claims and insurance.

In most cases, we can conduct on-site inspections at the scene of the accident, reorganize the case, and try to analyze the cause of the accident from multiple perspectives to find the most appropriate solution.

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Civil Litigation

Disputes can come in any forms and shape. It may be a roof leakage concern, a debt due, a contractual argument, dispute over shareholder’s right, a trade mark or a product infringement and a whole host of other disputes. When dispute first arises, it may seem minor but when it escalates, it could mean loss of time and money plus distress. It is here we can help. We will let you know if your case is worth pursuing or defending, and will assist you to take off worries and stress at reasonable costs; what’s more we will keep you informed of progress of your case so that you are close to what is happening.

Criminal Litigation

Criminal charges can be devastating to a person’s career and well-being. The difference between a verdict of acquittal or conviction is directly linked to the quality of the defense team. Our criminal litigation team has accrued considerable hands-on experience with criminal law and familiarity with the procedures. Our thorough approach will single out every detail to identify the best strategy for every case:-
Providing advice on criminal law and procedure before and after charge; Attending the police, ICAC and other law enforcement agencies with clients; Entering into plea bargaining for clients before or after charge; Application for bail before trial or pending appeal; Conducting investigation and evidence gathering before trial; Conducting defense at all levels of courts from.

Driving/Road Traffic Offences

We have extensive experience in advising on all aspects of road traffic law and in defending clients in these types of matters. We can assist from the time of arrest through to any court hearing. If charged, most defendants will face a hearing in the Magistrates Courts but for more serious offences, such as causing death by dangerous driving, the Prosecution will often apply for the case to be heard in the District Court. It is essential to have proper and sensible advice on how and whether to assist the Police in their enquiries at the preliminary stages of an investigation, and sensible advice on the evidence should the matter go to court. We will advise you on any available defences and possible penalties, the likely costs involved and the time frame to completion if you are faced with a driving or road traffic charge or summons. All our lawyers and supporting team have experience in these matters and can advise you from roadside arrest to court.

Personal Injury & Employees’ Compensation Claims

With increasing awareness of the right to claim damages against the wrongdoers, there has been a significant increase in the number of personal injury claims in the past number of years.

We have experience in making both employee compensation applications and common law claims on behalf of both employees and employers. Furthermore, we have experience in acting for injured parties in traffic accidents.

We provide prompt advice, at an early stage, in order to explore the possibility of swift settlement to minimize the risk of litigation. We also assist our clients to develop strategies in proceeding with their claims if Court proceedings cannot be avoided and will guide our clients through the legal and medical issues involved in such litigation, whilst keeping them fully informed every step of the way.

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