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Main Services:


Migration Planning

As a local law firm in Hong Kong, we advise on Hong Kong immigration law.  We assist clients with application for visas and handle cases with immigration offences, including arranging notarization and legalization of documents for emigrants; application for work visas, dependent visas, training visas and other kinds of visas; application for unconditional stay and permanent residency, etc.

We handle immigration related offences such as:-

  • Overstaying
  • Breach of conditions of stay
  • Making false statements
  • Employing illegal workers
  • Migration Consulting Services

Our mission is to provide all-rounded migration solutions to meet distinguished needs of each client came to us, work with clients on immigration planning to Canada, U.S.A, United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal, France, Greece, Bulgaria, Malta, Cyprus, Turkey, Austria, Moldova, Montenegro, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Vanuatu, St. Kitts & Nevis, Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St. Lucia, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, or any other destinations that client would like us to explore for their consideration.

As client’s legal representative, we connect and work closely with local law firms, government licensed agencies and experienced professionals familiarized with local immigration laws, policies, regulations, residency or citizenship applications, real estate and investment environments, in order to represent clients locally and to further connect clients with local service providers that can help clients with banking, taxation, and education arrangements for their children when required.

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Conveyancing (Buying and Selling Properties) and Tenancy

What if you have bought or about to buy a property that is defective in title? If the title to your property is defective/bad, it reduces the value of the property and can be difficult to sell in the long run. We vet title for you and we also ensure that you are being kept up-to-date, and we offer you a reliable, professional service at reasonable costs.

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